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You will find so many channels, once you open the Youtube website.In this article, I am trying to explain, How to create Youtube channel? and benefits. Channel is nothing but a unique account on Youtube. Having your own youtube channel has so many benefits. With your channel, you can make awesome new friends, get lots of subscribers, leave comments (of what you think and feel)on other youtube videos and upload your own videos. As it uses video as a medium, you can upload tutorials video, so it will able to give benefits to others also.


Let’s see how to create Youtube channel:-

First thing you have to do is to make account in Google. Google account will not work only on Youtube, it will work across all the products of Google like Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Google Drive and many more…


Ready to use Youtube?

When you sign into Youtube, using your Google account, you will get many benefits of Youtube features:-

  • You can like videos
  • You can save favourate videos
  • You can subscribe channels
  • you can add videos to watch later list
  • you see your watch history
  • Google will always recommend you videos based on the videos you have watched
    and many more…


You won’t have a public presence on Youtube, unless you create a channel. If you’d like to upload your own videos, want to create playlists, you can create a YouTube channel.


Steps to create your own channel

  • first thing you have to do is to sign in to Youtube.
  • then, try any action like comment, upload, or create playlist.
  • If you don’t have any channel, you will see a prompt to create a channel.
  • Edit your details like name & photo, and confirm to create new channel.


Recently, I have also created devdiz channel, Please click here to see our channel on Youtube and don’t forget to subscribe.



This is just a brief introduction hope it will be useful. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We will be back with another more useful articles.



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