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Pixate is what you’d call an app prototyping tool and they are a dime a dozen. For the uninitiated, prototyping is how you generate mockups or prototypes of applications without the need to know programming languages such as Objective C or Java. So every other person can easily bring their ideas to life and learn more about UX at the same time. Instead of having to hire a consultant from the get go, you can work out a good amount of the mechanics and create a prototype that’s just short of being truly native to a platform. What’s even better is that Pixate Studio is free and the company has been acquired by Google as part of their effort to develop new design and prototyping tools. This could very well mean that you might find Pixate becoming part of Android Studio.


Pixate is a next-generation mobile interaction design service aimed at helping designers create complex animations and interactions without writing code. The platform generates 100% native mobile prototypes as they’re being designed, enabling you to refine unique experiences and communicate interactive ideas to stakeholders and team members.


You want to create mobile prototypes that let you express your ideas with interactions and animations that exactly match a real app. Pixate lets you quickly express the ideas in your head, play with them on your mobile device, and iterate quickly, all without writing any code. When you can experience your ideas exactly as they’ll work in the real world, you can have more impact as a designer, reduce churn, and more effectively communicate with your team. We should use it.


What do I need to use Pixate

Your wits, a modern computer, Pixate Studio, web browser and cloud account (for sharing and cloud storage), an Android or iOS mobile device, and a plan to make a game-changing app.


How to install Pixate?

Click here to download Pixate studio
Extract file
then run Pixate setup


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UI Developer & Designer

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