Top and best javascript jquery plugins

Now days with javascript and jquery we can make our design more attractive and in developing we can do code with good productivity. There are some top and best javascript jquery plugins with the help of which we can do more complex things in a very easy way.
Some of the top and best javascipt jquery plugins according to DEVDIZ research.


jQuery File Upload

File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video for jQuery. Supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads. Works with any server-side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.



fittext js
FitText is a jQuery plugin to achieve responsive font types in your website. It resizes the headings in your website as per the ratio. It ignores the font size and uses minFontSize and maxFontSize to make the font flexible. If you are building a responsive or fluid design then you can use this plugin to resize the headings.



gmaps js
Grab the power of Google Maps with this simple JavaScript library called gmaps.js. It helps you write simple lines of code for specifying what you need and the rest is done by the script. It locates areas, adds markers, shows routes, and has many other features. Some of the features include polylines, overlays, GeoJSON Polygons, Routes Advanced, Geofences, fusion tables layers, KML and GeoRSS layers, overlay map types, street view panoramas, geolocation, and geocoding. This library also has a jQuery plugin for it. So, if you are using jQuery then you can continue to use it without any collision problems.


Classy Social

classy social javascript
ClassySocial is a jQuery social media plugin that make it easy to let your site visitors easily see what networks you belong to and visit them in a click of a button. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Socl, Youtube, Vimeo, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and e-mail.

Allow your users to see your presence on 11 of the most popular networks instantly with no need for a knowledge of coding! Have links to your Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dribbble, Instagram, YouTube (and more!) profiles shown in a slick way, sure to impress your users.



gridster js
Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns. You can even dynamically add and remove elements from the grid. It is on par with sliced bread, or possibly better.



tiltShift uses CSS3 filters to apply a tilt-shift effect to images. As such, it’s limited to working in Safari and Chrome currently, although with the release of the next generation of browsers this support should grow.



tabular js
Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your page wrapper element, set some options, and you’re on your way.



lettering js
Lettering.js provides granular control over individual characters in your type, allowing you to apply kerning, colour individual letters, and apply event-listeners. It also plays nicely with FitText, giving you desktop-style control over your typography while remaining responsive.


Scroll Path

jquery scroll path
Scroll Path is a lightweight plugin that allows you to define custom scroll paths for your content. Canvas is used to generate paths, and in compliant browsers it also allows you to rotate content in-situ for pleasing user interactions.



windows js
This handy plugin makes it easy to create full-screen scrolling websites with sections that fill the screen. Callbacks as the user moves between sections make it simple to react to events and nice features such as auto-snapping make it designer-friendly.



typa ahead js
The product of Twitter’s development team, Type Ahead is an easy-to-implement tool that pulls from a local or external data source as your user types in to an input box, providing auto-complete suggestions as they go.



Round slider js
Round slider (also can call as Circular slider, Radial slider) is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to select a value or range of values.Not only a round slider, it supports the quarter, half and pie circle shapes also.



A powerful, flexible jQuery plugin enabling you to easily create semantic, modern tooltips enhanced with the power of CSS.


Avgrund Modal

Avrgrund Modal
Avgrund is a jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups. It uses interesting concept showing depth between popup and page. It works in all modern browsers and gracefully degrade in those that do not support CSS transitions and transformations (e.g. in IE 6-9 has standard behavior).



labelauty js
A nice and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives beauty to checkboxes and
radio buttons and allows custom labels for each status of (un)checked inputs.



We hope you will find these javascript jquery plugins  useful for your work. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We will be back with another more useful articles.


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