front-end framework Kickoff

A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable and performant, responsive sites. Which is developed and maintained by Ashley Nolan & Zander Martineau.

Some great features of KICKOFF:-

  • Mobile-first, responsive philosophy
  • Rock-solid CSS framework using Sass (.scss) preprocessor
    • Starter content styles: typography, grids & components
    • Starter form element styles (see demo): stacked on small-screen to 2-column (if you choose) at the breakpoint of your choice, validation states
    • Lots of helper classes & Sass mixins for many CSS3 features like media-queries
  • Simple Javascript boilerplate that makes very little assumptions about your chosen style or workflow.
    • The default method uses a list of files that are concatinated & compressed with Uglify
    • If you prefer something more advanced, our Yeoman generator allows you to use Browserify instead 🙂
  • Grunt used extensively to ease common development bottlenecks
    • Sass compilation using libsass (using grunt-sass) and uses autoprefixer to dynamically add vendor prefixes so you don’t even have to think about them 🙂
    • Concatenation and minification of JS files
    • Simple server using BrowserSync
    • SVG Icon generation using grunticon

Ajay Malhotra

UI Developer & Designer

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