Latest Update By JSFiddle

JSFiddle is created by Oskar Krawczyk. It’s a code editor or we can say it’s a playground for the front end side of the web. It’s all about inspiration, education, and sharing.


Latest awesome update by JSFiddle.

JSFiddle have got many interface changes so be sure to read the whole scoop.
There’s no denying that this doesn’t happen very often, to be more precise visual changes aren’t happening that often.
JSFiddle calling this a lifting for a reason, as opposed to many backend changes that happened over the years, this is mostly a visual one.

There were a few ideas JSFiddle were working towards with this update:

  • Squeeze every inch out of the UI for more editing space
  • Make the interface super-light
  • Optimize loading and rendering speed

A lot of effort was put into getting the ground for removing the sidebar altogether.
Yes, the sidebar is still there, but it’ll be gone in the future updates.
For now we’ve moved some sections of the sidebar into the appropriate editor panels — for example the HTML panel has all the HTML related options.


it’s a bit lame not to use asynchronous calls where it’s possible in 2015, so now, saving/updating/forking works asynchronously.


Some other smaller updates:


  • Bumped CodeMirror version to the newest one
  • Activated a few CodeMirror add-ons: matchbrackets.js, closebrackets.js, matchtags.js and closetag.js
  • Indent now defaults to 2 spaces
  • New syntax coloring
  • Internal styles have been rewritten into PostCSS
  • Added Headway widget so everyone’s up to date will upcoming updates (notice the red badge over the logo)


So, what’s next? (written by Oskar Krawczyk)

Two things. Both very important to me and the future of JSFiddle.

  • Last month Michał joined the team, he and myself started working full-time on the next major version of JSFiddle, a complete rewrite, full of new, awesome stuff. If you’re interested in following the progress followBuilding the new JSFiddle publication.
  • While we’re working on the new JSFiddle, the current version will get the same amount of support. It’s not going anywhere for now.


Ajay Malhotra

UI Developer & Designer

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