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On February 16, people gathered at the scene of the accident in Siti County, Madhya Pradesh, India. According to our newspaper, Shivraj Singh ny lotto winnersJohan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India, said on the 16th that the state's Siti...

The 3.9-ton Yue Chuan-2 was launched on board India’s self-made “India Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle”. The mission cost 141 million U.S. dollars. At present, "Yue Chuan 2" is heading towards the south pole of the moon, which is an area on the moon's surface that has not been touched so far. It will study the rocks, soil and minerals on the moon here. Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), said: "We will explore places that have not been explored."

According to US media reports, since 2012, the US Navy’s material losses in avoidable shipyard accidents have been greater than combat losses or maritime accident losses, and almost no remedial measures have been taken after the accident. US "Forbes" defense reporter Craig Hope once said: "It is unexplainable and unforgivable that no action has been taken after repeated warnings."

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India’s contract for the purchase of Rafale fighters is estimated to be worth ny lotto winnersUS$9.4 billion. India’s opposition Congress party accused someone of taking the opportunity to embezzle, but Prime Minister Modi denied this statement.